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The Meaning Of My Tattoo (Paperback)

The Meaning Of My Tattoo (Paperback)

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Nika J., a 20-year-old bombshell born and raised in The Queen City, Charlotte N.C. falls in love with a tall dark and handsome, slick talking, hot head from Boston. Their race to the finish line of love begins at hello. Who ever said love takes time? The time was now and together there is nothing their love cannot survive; or is it? Imagine their love as a flame, then throw in some family drama, horrible decisions, and just straight up stupidity. This flame is way out of hand with no water in sight. How much heat can their love take? They say when you play with fire, you get burned. With a fire like this, some will choke from the smoke, some will escape, and some will burn.

The ups and downs of this very true story will have you glued to your seat! You will be entertained. You will laugh and you may cry, but hopefully you will learn something. This book is full of life lessons, reality, and drama. So, get comfortable, heat up that tea, and enjoy the ride.

Series coming soon.
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